Books are always subject to change at the discretion of the faculty.
Prices are subject to change based on actual invoice pricing.

 Deadline for Textbook Returns 

 New & used textbooks are returnable through the end of the FIRST week of classes. 

In recent years, some students have been purchasing books that they are not planning to keep. The great majority of those books are returned at the very end of the time allowed for returns. This shorter time frame for returns will get those books back on the shelves more quickly for students who want to purchase them and keep them. As always, you must have your receipt to return books. New books must be in new condition (no writing, scratches, scuffs, etc.) because the publishers won't let us return them in that condition.

 Comparison shopping for textbooks just got easier! 

We strive to get you the lowest prices on textbooks. Sometimes, however, another online source can beat our prices. Let our new Textbook Price Comparison Tool do the research for you. Choose your courses, and see the Swarthmore College Bookstore price alongside those from Amazon, ABE,, and others.

Whether you buy from the Bookstore, from another vendor, or from multiple vendors, the new tool makes that process easy. Just remember: we have the books for the first day of class (with no shipping charges) and we'll let you return them through the end of the first week of classes.

 Textbook rentals can save you money. 

We now offer nearly 350 titles for rent in new and used condition. You will realize significant up-front savings by choosing the rental option. And with rentals, you don't need to worry about buyback (and whether a new edition will erode the buyback value). Look for special shelf tags in the Bookstore, or check back soon for rental prices to appear in our Comparison Tool. Rental offerings will expand as we receive more book orders from instructors.

While you can view the rental prices online, you must initiate the rental in the Bookstore.

 You decide how to handle book substitutions. 

You now decide if you will allow substitutions (new for used or used for new). We will substitute only if:
  • We don't have the book as you ordered it (new or used)
  • We do have the book in an alternate condition (new or used)
  • You chose "OK to Substitute" for that book
 Give us time to prepare your order! 

You will receive an automatic e-mail message acknowledging your order. Please allow a full business day for orders to be processed. You will then receive a second e-mail message when your order has been processed and is ready for pick-up.

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