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The Swarthmore College Bookstore is owned and operated by Swarthmore College for the benefit of our community. We are YOUR college bookstore. We're here to serve so please feel free to contact us if we can be of service to you!

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If you can think of any questions we haven't already answered, just call or send an e-mail message.


Rent Textbooks This semester EVERY book used for classes will be available to rent. Come into the Bookstore and choose the copy you want (new or used, right from the shelf). Due to the popularity of rentals, we now have TWO kiosks setup in the store where you can complete the rental process.

You will realize significant up-front savings by choosing the rental option. And with rentals, you don't need to worry about sell back prices (and whether a new edition will erode the buyback value). If you decide to keep a rental book, you are charged the difference between the purchase and rental prices at the end of the semester. So you can even use the rental program as a payment plan if you like.

View our purchse and rental prices alongside prices from several online vendors by using our Comparison-Shopping Tool. In the Bookstore store, special tags will indicate which textbooks are available for rent.

You must initiate the rental in-store at this time.

We hope the rental program will help ease the pain of textbook costs.

 Comparison shopping for textbooks 

We strive to get you the lowest prices on textbooks. Sometimes, however, another online source can beat our prices. Let our Textbook Price Comparison Tool do the research for you. Choose your courses, and see the Swarthmore College Bookstore price alongside those from Amazon, ABE,, and others.

Whether you buy from the Bookstore, from another vendor, or from multiple vendors, the new tool makes that process easy. Just remember: we have the books for the first day of class (with no shipping charges or sales tax) and we'll let you return them through the end of the first week of classes.

 5 Reasons Not to Skip the Campus Bookstore  

Check out this article about five reasons to shop at your campus store for textbook purchases.

 Looking for Swarthmore College: A Community of Purpose? 

The new book celebrating 150 years of Swarthmore College by Jeffrey Lott is now available.

You can find copies of the paperback edition and hard cover are available.

Win Cash

Students: Would you like to earn some easy money? Sign up to complete some surveys, and you could win a little cash. Swarthmore students have won in the past, and the survey results truly help on-campus stores to better know our customers.

As independent booksellers, we believe that local businesses of all kinds let us say no to corporate shades of gray and give each individual a chance to flaunt his or her true colors. Are you one of us? Join us in the IndieBound Campaign to support independent, small businesses across the country.

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